Hi, my name is Dean. If you are reading this then you are considering buying driving lessons, either for yourself or for someone you know.

Let me start with a small introduction about myself.  I’m a DSA approved driving instructor, with 42 years driving experience, driving both cars and motorcycles. For the last 34 years I have been  driving HGV’s, initially around Europe, but now around the UK mainland, where I have witnessed first hand drivers bad habits and poor road sense. I would like to pass on my experience to other people that are thinking of becoming a new driver on today’s roads. I know that learning to drive can be very daunting, so for that reason I use a very friendly and easy to drive Renault Clio tdi. 

The car is fitted with he-man dual controls, for the pupil’s safety and mine, with a fully comprehensive insurance cover. All that is required is that the pupil is at least 17 years old and has a provisional licence then I can get them started.

My promise to the pupil will be a knowledgeable and professional driving lesson and sometimes, hopefully, a bit of fun to help them relax.

I believe that my patience and understanding really helps pupils to achieve their aims and goals. All of my lessons are carried out on a one to one basis with no car sharing and certainly not answering my phone during a lesson.